Saturday, February 23, 2013

Conference, May 2013: ''Hegel, Our Unlikely Contemporary''

Catherine Malabou is speaking at "The Actuality of the Absolute: Hegel, Our Unlikely Contemporary" conference at Birkbeck in London this coming May.

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Lecture, February 2013: ''An Eye at the Edge of Discourse''

Catherine Malabou is giving a lecture entitled "An Eye at the Edge of Discourse" at the Royal College of Art, London on Thursday 28 February.

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Friday, February 1, 2013

Forthcoming: Plasticity in ''The Future of Continental Philosophy of Religion''

(via After Nature blog)

Table of contents for 

The Future of Continental Philosophy of Religion

edited by Crockett, Robbins, and Putt 
(forthcoming, Indiana University Press)

Introduction – “Back to the Future” 

Part I – The Messianic

1.       Is Continental Philosophy of Religion Dead? 
John D. Caputo

2.      Friends and Strangers/Poets and Rabbis:  Negotiating a “Capuphalian” Philosophy of Religion
B. Keith Putt, with Reponses by John D. Caputo and Merold Westphal

3.      Mother Midwife: How Johannes de silentio Gives Birth to Faith, its Spectacular Counterfeits—and to Derrida and Kristeva
Edward F. Mooney

4.      The Persistence of the Trace: Interrogating the Gods of Speculative Realism
Steven Shakespeare

5.      Speculating God: Speculative Realism and Meillassoux’s Divine Inexistence

Leon Niemoczynski

6.      Between Deconstruction and Speculation: John D. Caputo and A/Theological Materialism
Katharine Sarah Moody

Part II -- Liberation

7.      The Future of Liberation
Philip Goodchild

8.      Monetized Philosophy and Theological Money: Uneasy Linkages and the Future of a Discourse
Devin Singh

9.      “Between Justice and My Mother”: Reflections On and Between Levinas and Žižek
Gavin Hyman

10.   Verbis Indisciplinatis
Joseph Ballan

11.   Overwhelming Abundance and Every-Day Liturgical Practices: For a Less Excessive Phenomenology of Religious Experience
Christina M. Gschwandtner

12.   Counter-Currents: Theology and the Future of Continental Philosophy of Religion
Noëlle Vahanian

Part III -- Plasticity

13.   The Future of Derrida: Time between Epigenesis and Epigenetics
Catherine Malabou

14.   On Reading – Catherine Malabou
Randall Johnson

15.   Necessity as Virtue: On Religious Materialism from Feuerbach to Žižek
Jeffrey W. Robbins

16.   Plasticity in the Contemporary Islamic Subject
John Thibdeau

17.   From Cosmology to the First Ethical Gesture: Schelling with Irigaray
Lenart Škof

18.   Prolegomenon to Thinking the Reject for the Future of Continental Philosophy of Religion
Irving Goh

19.   Entropy
Clayton Crockett