Friday, September 28, 2012

''Like a Sleeping Animal: Philosophy between presence and absence'' (2011)

Malabou's 2011 article ''Like a Sleeping Animal -philosophy between presence and absence'' in

Thursday, September 13, 2012

''Modification in being and time, or the form of difference''

Malabou's 2010 article Modification in being and time, or the form of difference was published in Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lecture, September 2012: ''It does not have to be like this' (SEP/FEP)

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Event Date: 5 – 7 September 2012
Manchester Metropolitan University,
All Saints Building, All Saints,
Manchester, M15 6BH
The Society for European Philosophy (SEP) and the Forum for European Philosophy (FEP) 2012 Conference
in association with The London Graduate School
The Society for European Philosophy (SEP) aims to provide a forum for research and teaching in all areas of European philosophy, broadly construed. It provides an opportunity for scholars from any country, and any discipline, to come together and share ideas. Since 1997, the SEP conference has been an important annual event for faculty, post-graduate students and independent scholars of European philosophy throughout the world. Since 2005 the SEP annual conference has been run jointly with the Forum for European Philosophy (FEP), helping to make the three-day conference the largest event of its kind in Europe. This year the joint conference will also run in association with the London Graduate School.
The four keynote events will be recorded and are available here soon after the conference.
Keynote speakers:
Catherine Malabou – It does not have to be like this
Plenary Panel Session:  New materialities, other deconstructions
Catherine MalabouMartin McQuillanSimon Morgan Wortham
Alphonso Lingis -  The return of subjectivity
Shaun Gallagher – What can phenomenology tell us about social cognition?

New Article: ''Post-Trauma: Towards a New Definition?''

Malabou's article ''Post-Trauma: Towards a New Definition?'' is published in Telemorphosis: Theory in the Era of Climate Change (Vol. 1) edited by Tom Cohen.

Download the article together with the volume for free here

New Article: ''Separation, Death, the Thing, Freud, Lacan, and the Missed Encounter''

Catherine Malabou's new article Separation, Death, the Thing, Freud, Lacan, and the Missed Encounter is published Avello Journal 1.2

To download the article click here

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